Evotec is located in Ulsteinvik Norway, in the worlds most complete maritime cluster, and is a strong provider of handling systems to the world wide fleet of tailored handling systems. From the beginning it has been important for Evotec to have control of all elements in the process, from conceptual design, to engineering, fabrication, commissioning, start-up and throughout the lifetime of all our products.

Evotec has the most compact winch and handling solutions in the market, enabling a better work-platform for all onboard. With our tension control in our automation system, you will explore a new era within towing, that has the most “soft system” within electric drive solutions.

For your demanding and critical operations, only the best is good enough! Evotec a partner making your net-handling systems electric.

Evotec is Market leader for handling systems for Seismic Research Vessels world-wide. Our innovative and reliable solutions give the operators the best working platform for Seismic operations.

Evotec; Your first choice for Specialized and Customized products along with the markets best “Active Heave Compensation Systems”. Enabling hassle free operation of your vessel in extreme weather, giving you the benefit of more operational time/no downtime due to weather.

In an ever-changing climate situation, it is important to get an overview of what is happening in and with the sea over time. Today’s research vessels are packed with sensory equipment that helps scientists understand what is happening, and what has happened to the world oceans, the atmosphere and everything living in the ocean space.

Evotec has 24/7 support to all our customers worldwide! When calling us you will immediately get contact with someone who can help, and most likely the person you speak to is the one that either designed, assembled or commissioned your product! 

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Jogeir Romestrand3

Jogeir Romestrand

CEO / Evotec


Torkjell Ringstad

Vice President Sales & Marketing / Evotec

Geir Henning

Geir Henning Kalvatn

Sales Manager Seismic / Evotec

Kurt Nesje

Kurt Nesje

Sales & Tender Engineer / Evotec

Ole Kristian

Ole Kristian Romestrand

Vice President Aftersales & Service / Evotec


Christer Haddal

Sales Manager Aftersales & Service / Evotec

Håkon Woldsund

Håkon Woldsund

Sales Manager Fish & Aquaculture / Evotec

Halvard Øvrelid

Purchasing Manager / Evotec

Helge Warholm2

Helge Warholm

Purchase & Sourcing Manager / Evotec

Per Birger

Per Birger Nakken

Engineering Manager / Evotec


Tore Romestrand

Sales Engineer After Sales and Service / Evotec


Ingunn Sporstøl

Business Support Manager / Evotec

Dag Johnny

Dag Johnny Seljeset

VP Business Development / Evotec


Andreas Røyset

Sales Manager, Marine Handling Technology

Torgeir Breivik

Sales Manager, Marine Handling Technology

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