ENTEC Brimer

ENTEC Brimer is a company in the aqua division in/of the ENTEC Group where the companies Brimer AS, ServiTech AS and Utbyggingsteknikk AS have been merged into one. ENTEC Brimer is a tech company with its main activity linked to servies, equipment and contract aimed at the municipal technical market, landbased fish farming, fish processing and other industries. We develop and supply efficient solutions to these markets with close collaboration with the customers, where sustainability, longevity and life cycle solutions are central.

The company is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of tanks in composite material/GRP, perfectly suited for drinking water, landbased fish farming, fish processing and other fluid. We handle the entire process in-house, design and strength calculation, element production, transport, assembly and completion of complete tanks at the customer’s premises. Further on the company has a significant activity within turnkey contracts for the municipal engineering market for such as drinking water, water treatment and waste water treatment. The company is located in three locations with production in both Latvia and Norway.

ENTEC Evotec

ENTEC Evotec is a company who supplies automated handling solutions to the international maritime industry. The company is located in Ulsteinvik, Norway; in the middle of the world’s most complete maritime cluster. ENTEC Evotec takes pride in supplying efficient solutions and the crucial key point is to understand the customer’s need for efficient logistics on deck with an efficient automation system. All of the individual equipment such as winches, booms, winders, cranes, etc. are then controlled through our control systems and delivered to the maritime industry worldwide.

ENTEC Evotec has a scalable business model where as sales, design, engineering, assembly and testing take place in-house and our extensive supplier network ensures the production of our mechanical and electrical components.

ENTEC Norpartners

ENTEC Norpartners is the last addition to the ENTEC family. ENTEC Norpartners produce and supply GRP-products to customers within fish farming, a few national coastal works, automotives, work boats/mob boats, underwater protective structures boxes and cabinets for various applications, etc. The production is set in Latvia in the wholly owned company NorplastSIA. And besides we help customers at their own facilities with lamination and assembly tasks for composite materials.