About us

Entec is short for “environmental technology” and is a technology group consisting of three companies: Evotec AS, Brimer AS and ServiTech AS.

Designed for efficiency

We create value by being a competent partner for our customers, where we offer our customers efficient and sustainable solutions. We are building a larger player for the markets where the group currently has its core businesses.

 We see significant opportunities for water and wastewater treatment contracts within our AQUA division, as well as products and systems for land-based farming, industry and fisheries. Likewise in our MARITIME division we see great potential in the markets for automated handling solutions, service and pipe installations.

In addition to providing products and systems, we can also provide services following our deliveries and throughout their lifespan.

Evotec is located in Ulsteinvik Norway, in the worlds most complete maritime cluster, and are a strong provider of handling systems to the world wide fleet of tailored handling systems.

From the beginning it has been important for Evotec to have control of all elements in the process, from conceptual design, to engineering, fabrication, commissioning, start-up and throughout the lifetime of all our products.

Brimer is a leading manufacturer of tanks made from composite materials for reservoirs, fish farming or storage in Europe. We handle the entire process from design and strength calculation to production of elements, transport, assembly and completion of complete pools and tanks on site.

ServiTech was founded in October 2012 by experienced parties from the shipping industry and the maritime cluster in Northwest Norway. The company has over 60 years of experience from maritime projects (ships) and land-based pipe installations.

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