We develop our business in a strategic and sustainable direction where environmenta focus, social responsibility and business ethical corporate governance are becoming more and more important frameworks (“ESG”). We are in markets that are framed by the UN’s 17 sustainability goals, and our technological solutions contribute toa sustainable footprint.

In sum, our focus areas can be briefly framed as followed:


Water, wether it is fresh or salty, is a common denominator for everything the ENTEC Group work with. We are helping Norwegian municipalities delivering clean water to everyone living there, and we supply smart solutions to the treatment plants. And when fish farmers build land based facilities, they often come to us for tanks for the fish to grow and thrive in. At maritim businesses and vessels all over the world you might see brands and brand names from the ENTEC family; on winches and handling systems, on screens, control panel and on pipe systems.

Our biggest markets are value chains that contribute to increased food production in the world, and we help to reduce the (environmental impact and) footprint in the markets we are in through our efficient solutions.

  • We have chosen to be in markets that contribute to sustainability.
  • Our products are technologically advanced and energy efficient.
  • Product with high quality and long lifespan.


  • We contribute to the local communities we are a part of.
  • We work systematicallt to ensure our employees have a nice and safe workingenvironment.
  • Internal work processes are systematized in a quality management system to increase quality, traceability and efficiency, for us and our suppliers.


  • Our ethical guidelines set strict/strong requirements for all employees in our company when it comes to ethics, corruption and money laundering.
  • We work systematically for diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • We have owners who wants to develop and grow the business in a positive direction guided by focusing on ESG.