At maritim businesses and vessels all over the world you might see brands and brand names from the ENTEC family; on winches and handling systems, on screens, control panel and on pipe systems.

In the same way the water is a common denominator, another characteristic for ENTEC is that we are not happy until the customer is. When we get to be closely involved throughout the enitre process, the result is efficient solutions and sustainable technology that benefits the customer. Everytime.

Our business is a part of the world’s most complete maritime cluster. Based on Sunnmøre we have the heritage and knowledge from generations of seafaring people in our backbone. At the same time we know how fast things may change and todays solutions need to be further developed to be functional tomorrow.

We encourage our coworkers to think new and outside the box, and to be act as a team, both with each other and the customers. If/when we succed with that, we do not only create value for our customers, but for many local communities. Therefore our companies play an important role in maintaining the population, through solid work places and income to the community.

ENTEC are growing and will continue to grow and we plan for new businesses to expand the ENTEC family. These will also be characterized by supplying efficient solutions and sustainable technology related to water. And the outside world will notice that new business areas share our trait: enthusiastic team players who thinks different and creates values for customers and the outside world.