Brimer is a leading manufacturer of tanks made from composite materials for reservoirs, fish farming or storage in Europe. We handle the entire process from design and strength calculation to production of elements, transport, assembly and completion of complete pools and tanks on site.

Brimer is Norways biggest supplier of elevated reservoir tanks in solid fiberglass laminate. 

The offshore and fishing industry is getting increasingly stringent rules for the collection and storage of waste, hazardous liquids, etc. Our solid tank systems meet the necessary requirements and help ensure a good overall economy.

With its smooth, hygienic insides, the Brimer tank system has become a natural choice for many aquaculture plants. Flexibility in design and assembly, combined with proven durability, makes the tank ideal for breeding.

Brimer has supplied thousands of tanks, pools and tubs since 1974. We are seeing a growing demand for service and maintenance. We have therefore prepared a service agreement that we can tailor to the customer’s needs in terms of inspection, maintenance and cleaning.


Brimer has a wide range of products tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us for an informal talk.


Brimer is ISO certified by the KIWA Institute of Technology. ISO 9001: 2015 is the world’s most recognized quality management standard.

The ISO 9001: 2015 certificate confirms that we at Brimer are actively working to meet the highest demands for customer satisfaction and quality.

Approved by NS 9416: 2013

Regulation on requirements for technical standard for land-based aquaculture facilities (NS 9416).

Brimer AS holds central approval.


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Gunnar Ristesund

Sales Manager Water & Sewage / Brimer

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Ragnar Kvamme

Operations Manager / Brimer

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Helge Kvamme

Sales Manager Fish & Industry / Brimer


Christoffer Jøsokbakke

Sales Manager Aquaculture / Brimer

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Sindre Breivik

Project Development Engineer / Brimer

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Elfried Koning

Project Manager / Brimer

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Vidar Wåge Hansen

Project Manager / Brimer

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Per Håkon Kleppe

Project Manager / Brimer

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Helge Støylen

Quality & Development Manager / Brimer

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Osvald Ristesund

Finance Manager / Brimer


Oskar Hovlid

Finance Manager / Brimer

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