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The installation of 28 tanks for fish farming at Bulandet Miljøfisk has begun

Bulandet Miljøfisk

The rise of the landbased fish farm

They have already raised 213 millions NOK in equity and loand to realise the fish farm project in the archipelago, just a short boattrip southwest of Florø. Last week the installation of the four large composite tanks began, they are 24 meters i diameters and 9 meters high.

If all go according to plan the first fish vil be set out spring 2022.

Bulandet Miljøfisk will have 28 large fish farming tanks to their inovative land based fish farm for salmon at Bulandet.

Put together

– With its own unique concept, Bulandet Miljøfisk is company focusing on fish welfare and environmentally friendly solutions and we are very pleased to get to cooperated with them on a project like this, says Håvard Haanes CEO in Entec Group. 

The GRP components to the fish tanks are produced at our factory at Kvamsøya and assembled at Bulandet. In the pilot project there will be four tanks delivered, later on there will be 24 more tanks in the first construction stage. All toghether the tank volume installed will be 100.000 cubic meters.

To reduce the cost of pumping water, Bulandet Miljøfisk is built into the ground and partly below sea level. In the first construction stage the water will be collected at 40-50 meters water depth, the water will have a constant temperature throughout the year and that will keep the fish healthy and avoid lice. At the Bulandet site there will be produced both post-smolt up to approximately 1kg and fully grown fish of approximately 5kg ready for slaughter.

– The special designed flow-through technology will keep the fish trimmed in an environment with relatively strong current which developes a strong heart and great condition for the fish. Our goal is to produce a fit and healthy salmon from the Norway’s westernmost fishing village, says CEO of Bulandet Miljøfisk Hans Cato Haddal.

We chose Entec’s tanks of composites because they are practically maintainance free and easier to clean than other tanks. At the same time are we, as Entec is, concerned about the environment og sustainability, and we are a great supporter of the way they always find a good solution in cooperation with the customer. It is of great value for us at Bulandet when we are building in the westernmost archipelago in Norway to work with a supplier from equivalent circumstances at Kvamsøya. They know exactly what it means and are willing to walk the extra mile, if necessary, says Haddal.

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