Brimer Servitech AS

ENTEC companies Brimer AS, ServiTech AS and Utbyggingsteknikk AS mergers to Brimer ServiTech AS

As of December 1st 2020, ENTEC Group mergers the companies Brimer AS, ServiTech AS, and Utbyggingsteknikk AS to one company: Brimer ServiTech AS.

Brimer AS, ServiTech AS and Utbyggingsteknikk AS merges​

–The merger ensures an even stronger investment from ENTEC towards the important area of our Aqua-division, for WS (Water and Sewage), onshore Fish farming and industry, states ENTEC CEO, Håvard Haanes.

By this merger, the entity will be structured as one team, prepared for further growth within the segment. Our valued clients, employees, suppliers, and cooperators should explore an effective and stronger organization, focusing on the quality of services we can contribute with.

–The brands “Brimer” and ServiTech” will be continued as in the past under the new merge Brimer Servitech AS, says SVP Tore-Jakob Reite, Brimer ServiTech AS.

Brimer ServiTech AS will continue to be located at 3 different sites, with more than 100 employees and a revenue in excess of 150MNOK(2020 numbers).

For more information, please contact:

Tore Jakob

Tore-Jakob Reite

SVP / Brimer ServiTech AS

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