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New LARS award of contract from International Offshore company

An International Offshore company awarded the ENTEC company Evotec as their supplier of Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) for their new Ultra-deep ROV operations.

“We are very pleased that they selected us among several international competitors”, says Managing Director Jogeir Romestrand at Evotec.

The new Launch and Recovery System will be designed and built locally at Evotec, and will be ready for delivery by the end of December 2021

“This Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) will be operated at water depths below 6000 meters, and will be a fully electric version. Our customer is one of the few that has this experience with operation at such depths with an electric ROV”, says Torkjell Ringstad, head of Sales and Marketing for Evotec AS. 

The LARS delivery from us will also be fully electric, and with our unique motor and drive technology Evotec can deliver the most compact winch solutions in the world.

Once in operation our LARS will regenerate excess power during Launch and Recovery operations, and this power will be “cleaned” and returned back to the DC-grid or to the vessels power management system, all in accordance with our designed for efficiency solutions. Our solutions saves the environment, saves our customers money and increase operability!


For more information, please contact:


Torkjell Ringstad

Vice President Sales & Marketing

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