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EVOTEC AS (an ENTEC company) secures new contract for back-deck handling system, this time for a Norwegian owner.

Evotec recently signed a new contract containing delivery of handling solutions based on the company`s innovative technology

The vessel "Stødig"

With Evotec`s solutions the traditional suppliers of handling systems, will be challenged with our unique compact winch technology.

Evotec are located on the northwestern coast of Norway, very close to these demanding markets. Evotec contributes with modern driveline, “Evotec MultiSoft” as well as PM motors and transformers. In addition to exquisite dynamic qualities and the markets highest efficiency, “Evotec MultiSoft” gives huge savings in terms of weight and space.

«Our goal is to make our customers more efficient in their operations. »

The owner has among other things chosen the newly innovated fly shoot winch ‘Evotec MultiSoft Flyshoot’, that secures a wide range of operational advantages. The “MultiSoft Flyshoot” gives a smoother and more controlled setting when deploying, also during demanding weather conditions.

The new vessel will be delivered by Karstensens Skibsværft A/S in Skagen, Denmark, securing Evotec the second contract agreement with this shipyard in less than a year.

Evotec`s scope of supply comprises; all winches for trawling, fly shoot, and mooring. The handling system will be fully electric with 96% efficiency, securing an environmental-friendly fishery through reduced energy consumption, and securing regeneration of energy during operation.

Evotec AS is providing the markets most compact handling systems, and suits this vessel perfectly reducing space, weight, and installation costs.

“Evotec has with this solution for the electrical driven winches, set a new and very innovative way of power distribution, and much like what you see in the electric car industry. This in combination with compact and a more powerful solution, made us to choose Evotec for this vessel”, says Andreas Hansen, Asbjørn Selbane AS, owner of «Stødig»

Håkon Woldsund Sales Manager for Fishery for Evotec are proud and pleased to be trusted and says «This contract is a result of a thorough process. We really appreciate the owner’s ability to contribute, finding environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. It is these types of owners with this type of mindset and focus on details we need, to design our efficient solutions for the future. »

Evotec delivers handling systems for the fishery, research, aquaculture, and seismic markets.

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