The Entec company Evotec has signed partner and supplier agreement with hydrogen company HYON.

HYON is based in Oslo and has a branch office and technical department in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

The agreement contains study, engineering, detail design and deliveries of one out of 5 sub-systems to HYON. All sub-systems are widely connected to each other and ENTEC Evotec will be an integrated technology provider for HYON during the projects together with 4 other sub-system suppliers.

The ambition of this agreement is based on developing a fully functional hydrogen station, fulfilling all quality standards/rules and regulations for an industrial/commercial product, and participate on getting these systems becoming the preferred solutions for land-based hydrogen stations, serving the maritime industry.

– To be able to develop the best solutions for our applications, we need the best partners to collaborate with. ENTEC Evotec has more than 30 years of experience within handling systems and has become market leaders within all the segments they are operating. We are very happy to bring them into our team, we look forward cooperating with them, says Jørn K. Lindtvedt, CEO, HYON.

For ENTEC Evotec this will become a new and exciting market area, and we look forward starting the job. Planned delivery will be 2024/2025 and onwards, and this will become a part of the new “green transition”.

– We are really proud of participating developing new solutions in a team where the companies’ competence is very high, securing a state of the art end-product, says Geir Henning Kalvatn, sales manager ENTEC Evotec.

ENTEC Evotec focuses on efficient and sustainable solutions

– We are providing solutions in our market areas whereas the UN -united nations sustainable development goals are included. With ENTEC Evotec`s technical solutions we contribute for a sustainable and low emissions footprint, providing for instance the worlds most compact handling systems. The market potential for our coming deliveries in this new segment is huge», says Torkjell Ringstad, heading sales and marketing for ENTEC Evotec.