NIFS 1600 – Fishery Research vessel

Successful Commissioning and Start Up from Evotec AS

Evotec’s parametric controlled spooling, ensuring operational performance at all depths.

Evotec AS, an ENTEC company has recently successfully delivered, commissioned and started up our delivery of a full Handling System package to NIFS (National Institute of Fishery Science) in Korea, for their new Fishery Research Vessel.

On this project Evotec’s unique Compact Drive Solutions with SRPM technology was selected by the client, and as a result saving space and weight, approx. 14Ton. All the drives VFD(Variable Frequency Converters) where installed directly onto the winches, hence no need for a separate Frequency drive room onboard. As a result of this technology the shipyard will save thousands of meters with cabling, and the installation time will be significantly reduced.

Evotec backdeck with Trawling winches, Netdrums, Gilson etc.

The complete scope from Evotec comprising:

  • Evotec Multiframe, stern mounted
  • Oceanographic Winches
  • CTD Winches
  • IKMT Winches
  • Mocness Winches
  • Gilson Winches
  • Trawl Warp Winches
  • Net Drums
  • AFE and DC-Grid distribution boards
  • Cooling Unit
  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Control System 

“On this project we have followed our client from design to delivery, exactly how we like to execute our projects! Our team has performed very well, and we are proud of making this delivery on time in these challenging situation,” says Torkjell Ringstad, VP Sales and Marketing for Evotec AS. 

“We do our outmost to make our deliveries on time and budget, and we are glad to see that also this project ended successfully! The Research segment is one of our focus areas, whereas the mission is to survey the condition of our oceans, protecting species and life therein.”

“We are saving weight, space and money as well as the environment, making the most compact and efficient handling systems in the market, with the lowest carbon footprint, and with this we will continue supporting our clients world-wide,” ends Ringstad.

”On this project we have followed our client from design to delivery, exactly how we like to execute our projects!”

Torkjell Ringstad

VP Sales and Marketing for Evotec

Evotec Multiframe in operation.
NIFS 1600 Fishery research vessel evotec
Satisfied Customer, operating winches from local control station.

For further information, please contact:


Torkjell Ringstad

Vice President Sales & Marketing / Evotec

Kurt Nesje

Kurt Nesje

Sales & Tender Engineer / Evotec

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