Fish processing and Industry

ENTEC supplies tanks and equipment to the fish processing industry and other land-based processing industry in need of corrosion free solutions demanding long lifespan and low lifetime costs. ENTEC Brimer supplies the fish processing industry tanks in GRP (Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic) for storing applications like

  • Ensilage
  • Fish oil
  • Blood water
  • Salt
  • De-Frosting

For many of our customers it is an important criterion for choosing the right solutions to assure that the tank surface is smooth and corrosion free.

For other industrial areas of use we deliver tanks for many different applications. For example, firewater tanks, tanks for sprinkler systems at industrial parks/clusters, water tanks sub surface / buried, and we also deliver storage tanks for a vast variety of chemicals and aggressive liquids.

Many of our clients within our market areas for Fish Processing and Industry are also in need of pump well stations and we offer our double-walled pump well stations in GRP for installation in sea.

According to customer needs we can equip our tanks with hatches, ladders, ventilation, etc. and in collaboration with our customers we may also tailor our solutions including pipe installation, electrical/automation solutions, etc.