Every surfaces in contact with the dirnking water consist of types of material that do not release any harmful substances. The drinking water will in this way be well taken care of. We offer hatches, ladders, valve housings, stair towers and ventilation systems making it easy to operate in safe and dry environments.

Integrated stair towers/valve housings to drinking water tanks

«Brimersafe». Brimer valve housings with or without stair towers. Easy to adapt to the spesific diameters. The valve housings can be mounted both to the tank walls or freestanding. Integrated soultions means that all penetrations, inspection hatch on the roof, ladder/staircase, ventilation, wallhatch etc is all safely placed inside and under roof. Our best solutions to physically secure the tank.

Brimer roof solution for drinking water tanks and other tanks  

We can replace worn out or refurbished roofs with our great fiber glass solution, it is both easy to transport and lightweight. It is an easy and efficient way to replace non-approved roofs. The roof solutions are insulated, tight, little too no maintenance and corrosion-free, no matter the conditions it is exposed for. We will take care of the calculation, shipping and installation.

Add ons for the tanks

  • Ladder system
  • Inspection hatch on the roof
  • Wall hatch (HSE measures), can be retrofitted
  • Ventilation with filters for pollen
  • Cleaning of the pool
  • Service agreement