Elevated reservoir

Brimers elevated tank reservoir are leakproof both in the ceilings, walls and bottom. The concrete slab is plastic coated with a solid fiberglass laminate, and the inside is white, smooth, jointless and easy to maintain. All surfaces in the pool that is in contact with drinking water contain materials that are not harmful substances. This way, the drinking water is very well secured. We offer hatches, ladders, valve housings, stair towers and ventilation systems so that you can operate in a safe and dry environment.

Integrated staircase / valve housing for elevated reservoir

“Brimersafe” Brimers valve housing with and without stair tower. Can easily be adapted to different diameters. Valve housings can be installed both integrated in the pool wall and freestanding. Integrated solution makes all enclosures, inspection hatch on roof, conductor system / spiral staircase, ventilation, wall hatch etc. locked in the valve housing. These are measures for physical protection of the reservoir.

Elevated reservoir accessories
  • Ladder system
  • Hatches on roof
  • Wall mounted hatch (HSE measures), can be retrofitted
  • Ventilation with pollen filter
  • Reservoir cleaning
  • Service agreement

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Gunnar Ristesund

Sales Manager Water & Sewage / Brimer


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