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ENTEC Brimer has the couple of last years delivered  comprehensice turnkey projects within drinking water and waste water treatment (then in the name of ServiTech).

Some of the projects have involved ground work, roads and buildings, to name a some of our credibilities

Unique product and system competance

ENTEC Brimer has its own engineering department with extensive experience in the field of drinking water and waste water. The experience combined with the modern computer tools and 3D drawing software ensures great results for the customer and the project. Our history from (both the ship industry and) landbased projects makes us a general contractor with unique product and system expertise, where we can also deliver total technical contracts for process plant for both water and waste water. The customers are both private and public.


  • ENTEC Brimer er ISO 9001:2015 og ISO 3834-2 sertifisert av KIWA.
  • Sentralgodkjenninger for ansvarsrett;
  • Prosjekterende sanitærinstallasjoner – Tiltaksklasse 1
  • Prosjekterende vannforsynings- og avløpsanlegg – Tiltaksklasse 3
  • Utførende vannforsynings- og avløpsanlegg – Tiltaksklasse 3
  • Utførende sanitærinstallasjoner – Tiltaksklasse 2

Sammen med våre dyktige underleverandører kan vi dekke alle ansvarsområder i totalentrepriseprosjekter.)

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