Winch and A-frames

For your demanding and critical operations, only the best is good enough!

Evotec a partner making your net-handling systems electric.

Contact us and together with you we will design and deliver the most efficient and robust handling system in the market, enabling a better operation performance, and with the most compact high-end handling system in the world.

Saving space and weight profits your business!

Complete handling system:
  • Offshore fish farming
  • Service Boats, A- Frames and Towing winches
  • Live fish carries, electric handling
  • Tailor made solutions
System benefits:
  • Reliability trough proven technology and high-quality manufacturing
  • Experienced and highly qualified engineers
  • Designed with focus on HSE and comfort for the crew
  • Electric driven by SRPM motors and frequency controlled
    • SRPM motor technology (Synchronous Reluctance assisted Permanent Magnet Motor). Combining the benefits from PM technology and synchronous reluctance technology. Smaller, lighter and more efficient!
    • VFD Extremely compact designed. Only 15 kg, high enclosure class IP67 – sealed from moisture and dust
    • Robust and modern solutions designed for easy maintenance and long lifetime
  • Sustainability by very low power consumption, reduced weight and regeneration of energy
  • Less CO2 emission

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Håkon Woldsund

Sales Manager Fish & Aquaculture / Evotec

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