Winch and Handling Systems

For your demanding and critical operations, only the best is good enough!

Evotec has the most compact winch and handling solutions in the market, enabling a better work-platform for all onboard. With our tension control in our automation system, you will explore a new era within towing, that has the most “soft system” within electric drive solutions.

Contact us and together with you we will design and deliver the most efficient and robust fishery handling system in the market, enabling a better operation performance, and with the most compact high-end handling system in the world.

Saving space and weight profits your business!

Complete handling system:
  • Trawlers, bottom trawling and pelagic
  • Purse Seiner
  • Fly shoot
  • Shellfish
System benefits:
  • Reliability trough proven technology and high-quality manufacturing
  • Experienced and highly qualified engineers
  • Designed with focus on HSE and comfort for the crew
  • Electric driven by SRPM motors and frequency controlled
    • SRPM motor technology (Synchronous Reluctance assisted Permanent Magnet Motor). Combining the benefits from PM technology and synchronous reluctance technology. Smaller, lighter and more efficient!
    • VFD Extremely compact designed. Only 15 kg, high enclosure class IP67 – sealed from moisture and dust
    • Robust and modern solutions designed for easy maintenance and long lifetime
  • Sustainability by very low power consumption, reduced weight and regeneration of energy
  • Less CO2 emission
ENTEC – a preferred supplier for fishing vessels

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Håkon Woldsund

Sales Manager Fish & Aquaculture / Evotec

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