With its smooth, hygienic insides, the Brimer tank system has become a natural choice for many aquaculture plants. Flexibility in design and assembly, combined with proven durability, makes the tank ideal for breeding.

ServiTech are capable of taking on the construction of all types of piping systems, tanks and structures, in all stages, from their experience in the maritime sector. ServiTech’s main expertise lies in the execution of projects with responsibility for complete pipe installations.

If you want tailor-made handling of your offshore fish farm with complete solutions for nets and bulkheads, contact Evotec!

For your demanding and critical operations, only the best is good enough! Evotec a partner making your net-handling systems electric. Contact us and together with you we will design and deliver the most efficient and robust handling system in the market, enabling a better operation performance, and with the most compact high-end handling system in the world. Saving space and weight profits your business!

Fish farming tanks, Land-based fish farming, Ensilage tanks, Feed tanks and Pumping station.

Turnkey contracts, Piping systems and Construction follow-up.

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