Control and automation systems

More and more systems require even more focus on reliable control. Sophisticated systems need a control and automation system that can handle their demand for rapid control, and Entec are the right supplier to take contact with!

Entec provides «Next Generation Control and Automation Systems”.

Our focus areas have been:

– The highest speed and precision in the market
– Cost effective solutions (no fee`s)
– In-house solutions, software, and programming
– Flexibility, module-based system:
    – Easy integration to existing systems
    – Easy adjustments of new functions
    – Easy adoptions to third party provider
    – Easy configuration
– Less Installation time and cost
– Module based systems are easy to configure based upon requirements from operators
– Remote Access

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Torkjell Ringstad

Vice President Sales & Marketing / Evotec

Kurt Nesje

Sales & Tender Engineer / Evotec

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