In an ever-changing climate situation, it is important to get an overview of what is happening in and with the sea over time. Today’s research vessels are packed with sensory equipment that helps scientists understand what is happening, and what has happened to the world oceans, the atmosphere and everything living in the ocean space.

Evotec supplies equipment individually or as complete integrated packages with a handling system that safely and efficiently transfers the equipment into the sea and back onboard.

We are proud of our unique electric winches with the world’s most compact electric driveline. Our solutions provide the ability to mount the frequency converters for the motors directly on the winches, thus saving space in the vessel’s frequency converter room. Can this space be used for something else?

With our new electric driveline, we regenerate and clean the power produced by the winches, so this is ready to be made use of by consumers around the vessel.

Among our products you will find:

– All types of winches for research
– Complete winch packages for fisheries research
– Traction units
– A-frames
– L-frames
– Telescope booms
– Tailor-made electrical and hydraulic solutions
– Mobile solutions
– Control and Automation systems

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Torkjell Ringstad

Vice President Sales & Marketing / Evotec

Kurt Nesje

Sales & Tender Engineer / Evotec

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