Our Aqua division has a laboratory for testing GPR material, simply because we need to provide the most reliable solutions in the industry. All this is done inhouse at our own factory by our company Brimer, located on one of the Islands of Sunnmøre.

Further inland our company ServiTech delivers water treatment systems and installations both onshore and offshore. At this facility we are now testing a unique chemical mixture that won’t color or add taste to drinking water, but still cleans the water from all bacteria from the inside of the pipes! A controlled amount is added to the water, ensuring the right dosage. This can be a gamechanger in the market for clean drinking water, for the world!

For our Maritime division our company Evotec holds a claim to be one of the world’s leading supplier of innovative handling systems, which comes with certain obligations. Because you can’t sit back and rest when offering the best tension control of ropes!

Today Evotec tested one of our new developments by using calibrated loadcells, infrared camera detecting heating of rope under tension, along with our unique tension control and automation system, and all this in a simultaneous testing procedure.

Regardless of who claims to be doing the most for new innovations, this demands resources both economic and technical. One also has to have the muscles, the budgets and the internal approval to go ahead. But the biggest factor for success will always be your people and their competence, and we are fortunate enough to have the best people, enabling us to operate according to our slogan; “Designed for Efficiency”